Ringa Ringa Roses- An Interesting Playground Rhyme

Ringa Ringa Roses is one of the most popular nursery rhymes. It is said to be originated in 1881, and according to some statements, it dates back to 1790s. It is based on a playground singing game and children love to sing it and dance making a circle. There are many variants of this rhyme such as the American one and the British one that differ from each other in lyrics. It is said that the earlier versions were not meant for children, but the song was reworked and then it was introduced as a children’s song.

About the lyrics:

This kid’s song starts as ‘Ringa Ringa Roses’ and continues with ‘a pocket full of roses’; ‘A-tishu A-tishu’ signifies the sound made when sneezing, and the final line is ‘we all fall down’.

Children hold each other’s hands and move in a circle singing this song. The slowest child has to face a penalty and then he/she is made to stand in the middle while the other children continue singing by making a circle. The rhyme is a ‘sing along loud’ type which is enjoyed by children all over the world while they’re playing together. The children’s song has many stanzas but mostly the first stanza is popular and is sung by children as a preschool rhyme too.

The lesson for kids:

The rhyme has no particular lesson or meaning, and it is meant for fun and entertainment only. The children’s song encourages group play and singing along with each other. The song also teaches discrimination between different sounds and how to act on a particular word. It develops auditory skills and communication skills in children and also improves individual development. The movement, rhythmic integration, and learning strengthen the child’s brain too. Also, this rhyme can develop social skills in the children as they learn how to play and interact with each other.