Pat A Cake- The Oldest Nursery Rhyme

Do you love cakes? Well even if you don’t, your children love them a lot. ‘Pat a cake’ is one of the best nursery rhymes and it is very popular too. Children love to sing this song especially when they’re in a mood to have some cake. Also, ‘Pat a cake’ is one of the oldest nursery rhymes and is also considered as the most widely known surviving one. It is a beautiful children’s song and the lyrics are too catchy. The children’s song is set to be originated in 1698, so yes you can say that it is some centuries old. Though the earliest records of this rhyme were a bit different, but the message is almost the same.

About the lyrics:

The nursery rhyme starts like this ‘pat a cake, pat a cake baker’s man’. The poem is written with the perspective of a child who’s requesting the baker’s man to pat a cake for him/her. The child asks the baker’s man to pat it and prick it and mark it with B, and then put it in the oven for baby and him/her. Then the poem continues with all the instructions the child gives to the baker for his/her cake. The child is demanding the best cake from the baker and wants the baker to bake it as fast as he can.

Takeaways for kids:

The kids song depicts the innocence and urge of the children. There is no message overall but children love to sing it because it discusses cake, chocolate, and cream. The rhyme tells about all the things that a child innocently imagines about the cake. Also, the child doesn’t want to eat it alone, but share it with the baby. The rhyme also gives the message that sharing is caring and that we should share the things we love.