Look at the Successful Businessmen in India

Reading the success stories of businessmen and entrepreneurs can help you lift up and move forward. There are a plethora of businessmen in India who are self-made and they turned themselves into successful ones with their hard work and talent.

Following are some successful businessmen who made their name due to their talent and passion:

Mansukhbhai R. Prajapati:

Mansukhbhai is known for his innovation, Miticool, that offered a way to handle and store the dairy products safely. He used a technology that made it possible to keep the food products safe and sound during worse conditions. Using the same technology he made candles and water filters and launched his own company by taking a loan of just Rs. 30,000. Now he has turnovers of more than Rs. 50 lakh and is considered as one of the most successful Indian businessmen. The thing that inspired him was the Gujrat earthquake of 2001, and he decided to do something for the country.

Sridhar Vembu:

Sridhar Vembu is the CEO of Zoho Corp. which is a software company that provides innovative online applications to the network equipment vendors. The company was founded in 1996 and it grew immensely in terms of profit and sales. Sridhar Vembu belonged to a middle-class family but in spite of the hardships, he obtained his bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering. Now he’s the mind behind the Zoho suite of online applications and is a successful businessman in India.

Kartikeya Sharma:

Kartikeya Sharma is the Founder of iTV Network and also the owner of ProSportify. He is one of the youngest and most dynamic entrepreneurs in India. Kartikeya Sharma’s ProSportify has been introduced to attract talent from the country and bring more success to the Indian sports industry. He is an Oxford graduate and holds a master’s degree in business administration from King’s College London. Kartikeya Sharma has amazing entrepreneurial abilities and his commitment to the media and sports industry took him forward towards success.